Enjoy a healthy new year with walks in Hampshire

walks in hampshireAt the beginning of a new year we all like to be a bit healthier and set ourselves goals of a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes we don’t make these goals achievable and before you know we’re back into our old routines.

What if there was a way to get exercise without really being aware that you’re doing it, to get healthy intakes of fresh air that leaves your body feeling refreshed and energised, and to enjoy all this with family and friends (or alone if you prefer!)?

Well there is, and it’s called walking! Many people love a good walk, some turn their noses up at it, but the walks in Hampshire are so picturesque you can lose yourself (not literally we hope!) in this healthy and free activity.

Walking takes such little preparation that it’s easy to throw on your walking boots and head out for a stroll, and best of all it won’t cost you a penny! A truly great way to get healthy and far more maintainable than slogging it out in an expensive gym.

Hampshire offers lots of green and coastal areas to really enjoy a good walk. To get you started why don’t you have a go at the following walks in Hampshire:

The Strawberry Trail 

The Hamble Rail Trail

The Cobbett Trail

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