Cycling the Hamble Valley way …

Here you will find a really enjoyable cycle route that takes in the history and sights of the Hamble Valley.

Visit our interactive map which makes it easy to locate the cycle

Woolston-Hamble: 8 km/ 1- 1.5 hours with a few stops…

  • Start from Woolston Station.

From either platform head to the Southampton end of the station, down the hill to Bridge Road. Then proceed south from Bridge Road, across the crossroads, into Victoria Road and south though the new Centenary Quay development area.

Take care of traffic at the crossroads and past the shops on Victoria Road. The road gets quieter once you pass this area. The area of new development is the site of the former Vosper Thorneycroft shipyard.

  • Keep heading south on Victoria Road.

Turn right into the access road to the sailing club/ boatyard.From here, keep following the cycle path straight ahead for several miles. The route runs through a park and along Weston Parade. Most days during the summer and at weekends you can grab an ice cream from the van at Weston Shore.

  • Keep following the path ahead (marked as NCN 2) as it bears off from the road to the right, running parallel to the beach.

Keep following the path ahead past Netley sailing club and the “castle” on your right, and up the hill into Netley.

  • The route then joins Victoria Road

(Netley) after a short stretch of shared use pavement/ cycleway. The road here is relatively quiet and fairly wide. The route passes through the village centre on the left, and recreation ground and access to the beach on the right. There are opportunities for food and drink in Netley including at the Prince Consort pub which the route passes.

  • Continue ahead into Royal Victoria

Country Park, Following signs for NCN2 as you pass the chapel and its 46m tall viewing tower. As you reach some woodland at the eastern end of the park, you will need to turn left , and then bear right 50m later. Make sure you look out for the signs here!

  • Keep following this path ahead

(the path runs along an embankment through a forest, before running parallel to a playing field). Eventually you emerge at Hamble Lane.

  • Turn right and use the shared pavement/ cycle path

Head into Hamble town centre- note that for the final 300 or so metres after the level crossing of the old railway, you will need to ride on the road, and whilst the road isn’t too busy, some care does need to be taken. Shortly you will arrive at Hamble Square- note the Gold Postbox, for Olympic goldwinning cyclist and local hero Dani King.

For those who aren’t lured by pubs, ice cream and boats into staying a while at Hamble, you can extend this route a further 12km by continuing to Botley.


Continue to Botley: … Hamble to Botley: 1.5 to 2.5 hours allowing for a few stops | 12km

  • First continue up Satchell Lane.

Until you pass a house on the right named Wessex Manor look out for the nameplate on the wall.

  • Turn right onto the bridleway

That heads into the woods at this point. Follow this path ahead, over the railway bridge and continue on the path until it arrives at Bursledon. At one point the path crosses over a concrete surfaced road. Don’t take this road down the hill- instead keep looking on the left for the continuation of the path (signed by an arrow marker). The path eventually leads to a road. Follow this road up the hill.

  • Turn right at the top of the hill

Into school road; then immediately left into Church Lane. Ride past the school and recreation ground until you reach the junction with the main roadcross with care and ride up Blundell Lane, next to the river Hamble. Follow Blundell Lane round the corner; turn right when you arrive at Blundell Lane. Ride along Blundell Lane as far as the junction with the main road.

  • Here, turn right and then immediately right again

Into Pylands Lane (signed for Manor Farm Country Park). From here, ride down Pylands Lane. Follow the signs for Manor Farm itself at the junctions. There is an opportunity to get down to the river using some of these side roads. At Manor Farm there is a café a good opportunity for a break if you need one.

  • Next, take the path along the west side of the Manor Farm building (through the gate and past a pond).

At the next gate (marked as an entrance to the country park, and with St Bartholomews Church to the right) turn left and then a short distance later right onto Church Road. Then follow Church Road all the way to the southern edge of Botley- passing Botley Quay bark store on the way.

Upon reaching the houses at the southern end of Botley, the easiest option is to walk the bike straight ahead along the one way street and into Botley village centre. There are various options for food and drink here.

  • Finally, to get to the station…

Head east along Botley High Street/ Mill Hill until you reach the station. You will pass Chesapeake Mill just after leaving the village centre. Note that this is a very busy main road and you may wish to avoid cycling until the road widens out beyond Chesapeake Mill.